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Zaina at 5

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Christian Ray S. Revilla

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For MMK (Maalaala mo Kaya) entry:

Dear Tita Charo,

I want to share with you “my king”, we have been together for almost two years now. Our friendship started after college? I was not a friend to him during college days for the reason that i hated the rumor circulating around the campus that he is a “chickboy” (my father was one, that caused the death of my mother for cervical cancer). I never wanted to come near him, friends can atest to that. I hated him so much that i ignored him even when he is talking to me. I said to myself that there is no way that i should be with this man, no way. But life is indeed unpredictable.
Things started after graduation, it wasn’t known to me that he is courting because frankly he doesn’t know how or maybe i was blinded because i had a boyfriend of 3+ years and him with a 3+ years girlfriend. He told me he started when we both flunked one subject (CE500) in college. Our class starts at 10:00 am. We have no other subjects than this. He lives in Ma-a, South Villa but i didn’t understand why’d he opt to stay at his aunts house at Samantha Homes, which is near our rented haus. On the morning he would ask me if he may go with me to school. As acquaintance i say “ok”, malice was never part of my understanding back then. Until it became routinary, unknown to me, he and his girlfriend who happens to be a friend of mine fights because of me. I am not really sure with that, anyway, they had fights before because of girls circling on him. On my mind, “pamati murag gwapo, pangit baya, makasuya, makalagot“. Before class, along with other friends they take pictures with girls with my camera phone. Grrrrrrrr it pisses me off even his friend Ariel and Ryan they really are friends. They got me annoyed all the time. I really do not like these kind of guys. But turn of tide he made his way to befriend me until i was tamed and befriend with him.
I bade goodbye to friends just before graduation day because I was planning to go Manila so I may do my board exam review. On the day of our graduation, I was seated on the bench he came and seated beside me. We were just talking about his dream (or make up story?) that he kissed me he said if for the last time before i go Manila may he kiss my cheeks. I never had the intentions of doing so. He was acting like he would kiss me, i seated still, never minding his request. To my surprise and his’, his lips just touched my cheek a bit. We just laughed, thinking about a friendly kiss because i was used to being kissed with guy friends from ADDU so that wasn’t issue.

It came to a surprise that he texted telling me that he will pay me visit at my boarding house, reluctantly i said “ok kaw bahala” and thought that he was just kidding then he really came he was dropped by his father on the front gate. We started talking until late hours then he just kissed me, i was trembling and confused. We said our goodbyes then thinking that was just nothing.

When i was at Mati, he too went NED Settlement in South Cotabato to be with his mom. On his way to NED and at NED he was texting but i paid no attention, i never wanted to reply. If i do so my reply was only “k”. He told me he was really in despair that time and me i have nothing to feel.
My life was not on smooth sailing, i wasn’t happy with my boyfriend from the time he cheated on me. Our relationship seemed nothing the second year onwards. Its hard to elaborate this story i never wanted to remember what ive been through, it was a total nightware. I was just waiting for a time and a reason for a break up because my life was a total mess with him excluding his family of course because they have been good to me.
I decided to stay in Davao for review, that was a shocked for everyone because they thought i’d be gone for Manila. On the first day of our review at Besavilla Review Center. I talked to him as if nothing happened. Until time on our review days, we started to go walks from crossing Kadayawan Road (ABS-CBN Matina) and almost reaching the Matina Aplaya Road (DISA Hardware) because my boarding house was along that road. We chatted long hours even reaching until 3 am. That is how it started, we became comfortable with each other as friends.

Until time that we were the talked of the town like artists at THE BUZZ. I broke up with my boyfriend because i wasn’t not really happy (i was just being true to myself) and he and his girlfriend way months before until these days they were not on to each other and that everything was flat and then broke up. Humors said that we are more than friends, but were not it was just a common friendship like i have with my other friends.

Friends of his ex-girlfriend put the blame on me without really understanding what was going on. Even his ex-gf mocked at me but i never said a thing and just leave them because i know they were at peak of their emotions. I didn’t cry because of that rumor. I cried because every accusations was not true. Things was tangling and threats and made up stories with the connivance of our ex’s to stitch things they really shouldn’t bothered in the first place. Until came to point to give what they wanted to prove that what they heard was true, so we started to date and think things over. With him leaving the issues with her ex-gf and me with my ex-bf. That was the truth.

Now, things has been set and everyone making their own way and forgiving each other without knowing what the real issue was. Anyhow, i and king have been doing much go straightening the things that we have started with our daughter Zaina Yael. He is now at Abu Dhabi to seek for better opportunities and prepare for a better future for our family. I hope it works.

May God bless us and may people that we might have hurt may forgive us, as we forgave them.

Lovingly yours,


Cheers To Unknown Future

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We cannot really foresee what lies ahead of us. As much as we hold on to what we wanted and needed, there are no guarantees that it will happen the way we have visualized it. Keeping our fingers crossed that things won’t go the other way, we can’t hold on to it. Most often it dismays us leaving us empty hearted and tormented. But still give it a cheer and enjoy the things that hurts us it only means that we allow the bendings like glasses burnt ang formed the best piece ever.