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Cinco Masao Beach Resort

Posted in Travel with tags on March 30, 2008 by engrlouraine

Laughing Out Loud. Hmmm!!! Do you want to ask a question? click on the photo to get a better view. I’m sure you got stockpiled questions on your mind. Another intersting site to visit at Mati City, Davao Oriental is Cinco Masao Beach Resort.

Before anything else, you might want to ask where is that Mati City is located. Mati is the center of Davao Oriental. I’m not really good with direction but i will try to give you some hints. Hhehhhe. If you opt to ride on a bus just go to the bus terminal located at Ecoland, Davao City. Fare at this time is 260 pesos but if you opt to ride on a van with terminal located near Gmall, fare is 200/head. I dont know if that includes your body heheh just kidding. Then hmmm you are giving me a headache with this.

If you have safely survived from Davao City to Mati City then rejoice, you survived the 30 minuntes long winding road from the terminal of Manikling to Mati City. Anyway, upon arriving if u wish to go straight to the resort you might want to rent a multicab and ride for about 45 minutes from the city proper. This direction only goes for those who doesn’t have a ride and adventurous ones jejjejeje.

My mind is like twisting right now from that winding road.

Hehehhe I confess I am not a good guide but if you wish to come to Mati and visit Masao then just take that adventure ride and just ask the MANDAYAs (i’m one of them though with just a quarter blood) or the Lumads hehehhe or anybody from the poblacion. Nobody from our place doesn’t know where that Cinco Masao Beach Resort is. Enjoy your ride.

I hope I made sense here. Hehehhehe



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These photos were taken last March 21, 2008 at DAHICAN BEACH, MATI CITY, DAVAO ORIENTAL, PHILIPPINES.

I bet you are fascinated of how astonishing this site is, I won’t argue with that. This is really the thing i am missing whenever I’m away with my hometown. I grew up with beaches and it won’t complete any event during my childhood without a cool dip with the blue waters in Dahican.

Some foreigners surf here because of its ideal waves that met surfers need. There are even competitions for skimming.

I really love beaches. I hope you will have the time to visit my hometown. I already shared it with zaina, krissa & momi arlyne. Finally they have set foot at my town. Thank you.

Zaina at Seven

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She is now turning 8 months old this April 5, 2008. Have you ever felt the joy when you hear your child says “mama” (mother). That first time she call me that my heart pounded fast that it overwhelms me.
She can crawl fast now. Grabbing things and sucking it. She loves to eat Cerelac n Gerber and fresh fruits.
I adore the way she smiles. As if you wanted to squeeze her like your stuff toy. She’s adorable.
I love kissing and cuddling my little angel.

missing passion

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As we speak of photography, people would breathlessly relate how it has influenced their lives. Some does it for a living, some for information and others for hobbies. As for me, photography is a form of self-expression.

I am addicted to it, I swear I am! Nowadays, it is certainly a necessity to have a camera to capture every single detail of our lives if none you will be left behind.

One thing that I really love most about photography is that you can uniquely express momentous scenes especially that of the nature, still life and occasions. The feeling is serene, that is why I love taking photos.

(Picture was taken during my college days, CAS building, UM Matina Campus)