Taebo at SEAWALL

SEAWALL (back of Queensland Hotel, Ecoland, Davao City, Philippines) some people sees it during the night as a dating place and for joggers like us is a venue for TAEBO.

Taebo sked is Monday-Wednesday-Friday and it starts at 5am til 6:45am

I bet you will enjoy the session with the others. At least we don’t spend anything aside our fare. Trainors will be at the elevated platform for a better view so we can follow his steps.

I feel like I am at Manny Pacquaio’s shoes hehehhe .

Kick it to the front, to the side and to the back. You can also use upper cuts hmmm very interesting hahha. Do you want to try then be there as early as you can.

Anyone is invited to come and join. There are no fees and no age limits and taste the morning breeze of the ocean and the first ray light of the sun on your skin that will make you more relaxed. We have to be healthy and stress free so might as well try Tuesday-Thursday Saturday-Sunday sessions for aerobics still with trainors to help you.

See you then. God bless. ciao


3 Responses to “Taebo at SEAWALL”

  1. i need taebo, or any form of exercise to shape me up. hehehe! 🙂

  2. LoUraiNe Says:

    hahhaha yeba.. hahah come here and lets start kicking heheheh..

  3. LoUraiNe Says:

    dali dir davao ca kay magtaebo ta ugma heheheheh

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