Its my birthday today

My birthday was not extravagant but sure I did enjoyed my day.. heheheh thanks to Badet Melody Anne and Mae.

At the ofis we just prepared some SU-TU-KIL (Sinugba, Tinola, and Kinilaw) in English grilled fish, fish broth, and like japanese sashemi for kinilaw with sweet watermelon on the side. Hmm arent’t you starving yet, are you?

On the afternoon, a heavy snacks of LOMI (noodles) and loaf bread.

After office we headed SM Mall for our planned studio photo shot. Much fun striking pose with my so called office buddies. I will post the photos later. Then we ate at BANOKS for a chicken bar-b-que and pork sisig with their unlimited rice.

On my way home, I bought some chocolate ice cream and some banana cake.

That is how i celebrated my birthday!! hahhaha sound boring but its not. I enjoyed the day.


6 Responses to “Its my birthday today”

  1. hi louraine! belated happy birthday sis, sorry ngayon lang nakabalik, nalate tuloy ang greeting ko 🙂

    i have a tag for you. i hope you’re up to it 😉

    happy weekend.

  2. LoUraiNe Says:

    hello liz tnx sa greetings.. na appreciate nko.. thank you..

  3. too bad i wasnt there uban unta ko…

  4. belated, gahapon d i imong birthday! aw, lami kaayo ang sinugba. you know before i went home, my sister bought cake, nangutana ko ngano, she said trip nya lang. baka nakicelebrate sya nimo day. hahaha!

  5. Janoz Xn Yesu S. Laquihon Says:

    Hello ate lorraine!
    I missed that bday party of yours. Kaning travel nako ba, daghan jud ma miss. Anyway, I know you were blessed. May the Lord bless you more. Bleated happy birthday.

  6. LoUraiNe Says:

    hehehhe thank you sa greetings nyo.. huhuhuhuh ifeel like crying jejejej

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