Lansones. A tropical fruit. hmmm Looks yummy right? I noticed that it’s starting to cover the sidewalks of Davao City, Philippines again.

Price ranges from 35-40 pesos per kilo for now but surely at its peak season it will be at least 10-15 pesos/ kilo.

Enjoy eating people of Davao.


4 Responses to “Lansones”

  1. luray luray luray hehe busy man gud ko naa pa koy shooting, commercial, modeling etc.. lol kakugihan buhat page nimo ba pero ayos not too fancy cge mao lang ni akong masulti ingat mo godbless dako na imong baby buyag liwat sa inahang kiat lol bye!!!

  2. Sweetiepie Says:

    wow fave jud na nako oi, kato uli ko last time kaihi ihi nalang gud ko k cge raman kaon jud lasones jud! have a great weekend!

  3. LoUraiNe Says:

    wow kaw ba na ace? hehheh salamat for taking sometime to visit my site hahahah commercial and modeling man gyud.. salamat sa apprciation..

    sweetie pie heheheh yep lansones fever karon diri.

  4. BlueStar Says:

    wow! nice tropical fruit! ya, i’ve tried it before, taste great ^^

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