Spicy Tuna Carbonara

I prepared spicy tuna Carbonara yesterday. I still have some left in the refrigerator for some afternoon snacks.


2 Big cans Evaporated Milk
1 pouch full cream milk
2 cans tuna flakes in oil (century tuna)
2 cans hot and spicy tuna flakes (century tuna)
button mushrooms
spring onions
500g Fettuccine noodles

Heres how to prepare:

For Noodles:

  • Boil the noodles for at least 11 mins

For the white sauce:

  • Heat pan
  • Put some butter or oil to what you prefer.
  • Saute garlic and onions.
  • Mix milk, mushroom, tuna (both plain and spicy), cream

Pour on the white sauce on the noodles. Then mix. Garnish it with finely chopped spring onions and the sausage.

There you go.. Enjoy your Spiccccy hot Carbona. Got this recipe from lottie and billie jean.


One Response to “Spicy Tuna Carbonara”

  1. cherrylin Says:

    yup sawap … so hot. i did put some crunchy bacon and ham to make it really special…
    thanks a lot…

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