Government Offices

Yesterday i went to National Statistics Office (NSO) for our birth certificates authentication. I had to line up on a long line. Since its summer, it wasn’t that comfortable because of heat. I have to line up one after the other transactions. Okay, you may be confused.

I have to take the line for the evaluation its like a hundred people ahead of me. Then I have to line up again for the Query Section, then another line for the cashier then I to wait for the releasing of my documents and another line just to get a form and then another line for some details to fill before actually receiving the documents. hmmmm hahhaha I know given the choice you would not like to transact there.

Another thing, aside from those never ending lines, atmosphere is really unbearable. It is supposedly an airconditioned room but what the heck it wasn’t turned on. Thank you though for the wall fans (4 units) for a jam packed of people at NSO office.

If ever you are to do transaction with this office, I advice you to bring some water, and a fan to keep your sanity.. hek hek hek

Same day still I headed SSS for my ID, not really tedious but same procedure you have to line up. But good thing its not that crowded. I am happy at long last my ID is on process now I just have to wait for a year to have it??? Hahahaha

After SSS, I headed to Pag ibig Homes to submit my application. There were no hustles, at least.


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