I got Pasalubong from Jassy

(Photo: Jassey’s Pasalubong)

Around 8pm last night, “Kuya” Angel, that is how we call each other “kuya” like an older brother, and so with Jassey and her husband Betcha and Melissa and Bgirl meet at AFHAT SEAFOOD RESTAURANT located at Victoria Plaza Compound. We had dinner with crab dish and lapu-lapu fish. Then right after dinner Jassey distributed her pasalubong from Hawaii. I got chocolates (with the yellow box), hair spray for styling, a necklace made of shell and body wash solution.

After that we decided to go to Studio Onnie at Torres for some comedic scenes. We didn’t stay long. We transferred then to K1 KTV bar for some videoke. There was only the three of us who was left, Jassey, me and Kuya Angel. He sing ur hearts out. Sing songs one after the other. We were still enjoying despite our number. We sang Sharikas’s Song, Avril’s, Alanis Morisette’s, and many other western singers and even ASIN’s basing basa sa ulan though it wasn’t raining we just sung it. Shouting it out and not singing at all. We were called the intro girls. Know why? We were just singing the intros then presses stop to skip and start another song.

Not realizing that it was 2am. Hehehehe we parted and bade each other bye bye See you around again friends.


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