My Sketch Up Practice

What do you think about my drawing? Hmmm too simple right but it took me a day to finish this project. I took my tutorial on line at video help for sketch up pro by aidan chopra . I am not advertising but it is really a cool thing to do aside blogging hehehe..

I wanted to share how I made this but really it was not really easy. I mean it took me days on video tutorial before I can actually do the image above.

Way back college I used to play the game “The Sims” its very first version building houses by your style and colour. You can even choose the type of tiles you wanted, you will design your floor plan, and you will choose your fixtures, plants, carpets. I’m pretty sure some of you here have played Sims.

I would like to concentrate again with AutoCAD but I’m not having enough time to master its commands. You might be wondering why i am inclined with building houses, nothing really i just love to explore.

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4 Responses to “My Sketch Up Practice”

  1. hala nice man na. you know autocad, pwede na abroad. hehehe! pero before that, teach me sa.

  2. nice output! u’re a fast learner… not bad for the beginner… keep it up!

  3. LoUraiNe Says:

    ey thank you.. 🙂

  4. hi..nice sketch there..

    teach me using google sketch up..

    coz i’ve totally forgot about CAD n other coz almous a year i’m using photoshop to editing pic..not practice with CAD..heee..

    coz i wanna explore a lot of thing too..

    gracias..nice design there..

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