Zaina Starts To Grow Teeth

As a mom, there are no other things that may equate the happiness I am feeling right now. My daughter, Zaina Yael, growth stages is normal. That first time that she calls me “mama” was a celebration more so as her teeth starts to grow in the lower gum is another call for celebration.

Even now she can stand and holds it for 10 seconds. I am looking forward seeing her stand on her feet and walk. I don’t know how I will be reacting to see the momentous moment.

Each day of her life she learns something. Like right now, she can actually make beautiful eyes, wave her little hands, doing high five, counting 1, 2,3,4,5 with her fingers, making close-opens on her hand, stomps on your chest so she’s taller than you, utter some words that you cannot understand. It’s like nagging you about her feeding bottle empty and many other things that surprises us.

She loves to kiss the nose of her “kyan”. And will get annoyed if you will mimic her kissing the nose of her precious teddy bear “kyan”.

Being with a child really is a big blessing to everyone. They can melt you heart. So sweet.


3 Responses to “Zaina Starts To Grow Teeth”

  1. From the Eyes of my Heart Says:

    hi Louraine =) yeah! kids are such blessings. you must be really excited and happy for zaina yael (such a unique name by the way. where did you get it?) I take care of my nieces every weekend. my fave is iris 1 yr and 3 months old she copys everything she sees. she also LOVES to eat. when we give her something she’s never had before she smiles and wiggles her body while eating it *cute*

  2. louraine Says:

    really love kids.. zaina’s name??? got it in the internet it means zaina for beauty and yael for strength of God

  3. Pinay Jade Says:

    wow so cute! wanna have kid too.found you through blogcatalog 😉

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