I can never imagine what my office life would be without these bubbly girlfriends I have. Let me introduce them to you one by one

From left end, that’s mae we call her “bayot” hahaha that’s unknown to her.. shhhh just kidding mae. She loves to walk like a model (swaying her hip; left-right-left-right), she’s a brat too that is because she is the youngest among her siblings. She’s into the world of fashion, she just simply loves fashion. She got a slender body but bulging belly (that’s her problem) right may. We’ll jog more. At times oppss no I may say most of the time she’s childish. But mind you she may have this kind of personality you can’t overtake her on trekking even at Mt. Apo a real winner, yeba! And of course no dull moment with this lovely lady.

Next victim, anne , oh well, she’s tall like a models bodyframe, next top model I may say. She’s even taller than a Talisay tree at Isla Reta, Samal Island. Anne is naïve? Hahahha no she’s not, she’s sophisticated. Anne is inlove with her baldy baki lorens. I don’t know what made her blinded by him, kidding again. She loves to eat because she wanted to gain weight, opposite to me wanting to go slim again hahahaha.

The third one, that’s me. I have nothing to say anything about me. Mouth zipped I mean fingers tied hehehe.

I love to introduce who that nasty girl on the right end. That’s badet , timid she maybe but she’s not. She’s like a mom nagging all the time. But badet is a good company a good listener too. Best part, badet is curly. Peace.

We love going out on adventures, go jogging and do anything we agreed on. Maybe next time we’ll go trekking Mt. Hamiguitan, watch movies. I’m still looking forward to our next activities. Long live mga gwapss.


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