Cough and Colds

We’re dead! Global warming is coming over us. Right now its summer in the Philippines but not really evident because most of the time it’s raining and when it is sunny the suns heat is scorching. When sun shines all of a sudden it gives you hard rain, great world.

And that is why I was hit by colds and flu and aside not having enough vitamins C. My head is really aching but then I am still blogging and modifying my place. Last night I had fever but not as hot as 40 degrees Centigrade, I should be chilling then. My throats are starting to swell due to hard coughing, I sound like a dog barking. So hit by these viruses. So awkward when at the jeep my throat doesn’t want to stop barking grrrrrr and aside that I have my monthly period, fantastic!

I’m hoping to be well soon.


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