I was not really into blogging before. We didn’t have any internet connection that time so I don’t really have that views on what blogging is. Since my beloved Christian went to Abu Dhabi for the sake of our family I decided to get connected with the internet for communication purpose. My brother was so happy and he said “yes, I’ll update my blogs”. Not really interested that time so i just said “okay!”

Weeks after i will just hear him say he got an advertisement. Ok then he accumulated his earnings; I said wow that’s it? You just write something then you get paid to blog? I said to myself, “Wow, let me try that thing to get paid for blogging “. My brother said, “That’s how blog advertising works”

I said that’s new. Let me try that. And I did try it, for basics I just vlog. Then why go for vlogs (as per kuya dudz definitions vlog for voluntary blogging) when you can actually advertise on blogs and earn something out from it?

There is this one site that offers blog for money. Then I just enrolled my blog and now I can actually earn something from what I am now addicted, blogging.


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