It’s Really Hot

Heat is scorching.

I still have cough and colds due to indefinite change of weather here in the Philippines. I still cough like a dog barking. I do not want to take any medicines. I would prefer herbal plants if I would like too. But for now I only take water for therapy. Honey with lemon as they say is best for cough I will be trying that later.

Right now, sun’s really hot. I don’t even want to get out the house my skin is going to burn. I just took a bath yet I still feel hot and uncomfortable due to heat.

Later this afternoon it will rain again. We’ll that’s better I can sleep sound like Zaina.


2 Responses to “It’s Really Hot”

  1. Global warming! -_- Have you seen An Inconvenient Truth?
    I’ve already linkex-ed you as well. Thanks. ^^; I hope you’ll get along really well. I haven’t been to your province, or more than 10 provinces here in the Philippines, but I really wanted to…Transportation is such a hassle. T_T

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