Paid for Posts

I came into the world of blogging primarily to express anything about what’s going on with my life, and earning is just the second priority. I love blog hopping and reading some of my net acquaintances’ entries. I even crossed that propagandas on how to earn while blogging, most of the time I ignore them, they don’t interests me. I was confident thinking that way. Until one time I just made fond to read this advertisements on signing up on payperpost. Now, I am trying to do some advertisement, thinking how will all this be working, and I hope I am doing it right just following the blog ethics.

What I love about paperpost is that they have this unique design where legends are posted so that you will be able to see what advertisement you can avail.

What am I going to do if got paid for the advertisement? I will go save it for the rainy day and buy my kiddo some formula milk hahhaha. She is only eight months old. Moms do anything for her kid. If the promise of blogging do me well then i will go for blogging and not vlogging as in voluntary blogging.

So go ahead and enjoy the your hobby while earning, sign up for ppp.


One Response to “Paid for Posts”

  1. Earning while blogging seems too good to be true…pero it’s REALLY true that you’ll earn.

    Visiting you here!

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