Swimming at Forest Hill

Late this afternoon we went to Forest Hill for a pool dip. Pool is designed for kids about a meter depth at the center. You can just watch your kid on the side as they enjoy their swim. We were celebrating Kikoi’s 11th birthday. Hhhahaah dull story. Just got nothing to write. Me and zaina just enjoyed the time together, she was actually yelling eya, eya, eya and pounding the water and splashing them on her face, i don’t know who that eya is.Do you who she is? Lately I’ve been busy with my two other blogs.

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3 Responses to “Swimming at Forest Hill”

  1. Maybe it is her version of the song Umbrella by Rhiana. When my baby heard it he got lss and could not stop singing it. Btw, I love your baby’s name, it is unique and has a nice ring to it. Have a nice day.

  2. BERNADETH Says:

    maybe shes having fun like riding a horse. hahaha. zaina is like a princess name.

  3. LoUraiNe Says:

    hahahha zaina is really naughty.. she likes to tease people and when she gets that attention she will be smiling..

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