Aeta Queen

Have you ever been to an IP Village? As in Indigenous Peoples Village of Sto. Tomas Davao del Norte? I just wanted to share to you the joys of seeing how happy people, though they live uplands, away from the city life.

Hesitantly, I spoke to an aeta mother, I was surprised that she knows how to speak bisaya, I thought she won’t mind me because they have their own tribal language. Thank you that I tried, she told me that they are happy knowing that the government will be putting up a Multi Purpose Building and Water System (Wind Mill) aside from the Rehabilitation and Improvement of San Jose-Talos Road (4.22 kms) and the San Jose Bridge dedicated especially for the Aetas through the effort of DAR-MinSSAD Project.

I hope these projects will do them well.

(Photos By: Sir Jules and Sir Payks)

Another thing, have you noticed? they have straight hairs now? they had it relaxed *wide smiles*


4 Responses to “Aeta Queen”

  1. frogstone Says:

    Nice ONE!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    …its one way of helping and serving people in a right way!

  3. Carlota Says:

    Great share.

  4. cool naman
    Happy weekend!

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