Last Hirit for Summer

We have been planning to climb Mt. Apo first week of june 2008 but unfortunately we will be cancelling it due to weather condition as per say, right now, Mt. Apo has zero visibility due to heavy rains brought by the recent storm. We even had the itenerary to camp at the peak, Imagine that? We will be fled off down the boulders, hehehhe. We won’t sacrifice our lives just to be at its peak. But seriously, we will arranging its schedule again. But for now we have other alternatives to replace the Mt. Apo trekking. *wide smile*

The list:
1. Enchanted river at Talisay Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur.
2. Maragusan (Tagbibinta Falls, Aguacan Cold Spring, Mainit Hot Spring)
3. Seagull at Buda
If there are no choices left, Camp Sabros would be a great stop with its longest zip line, flying like superman. Yeba.

Still left undecided. Buddies, where are we going? Too worst, we’ll end up malling with these choices. LOL

9 Responses to “Last Hirit for Summer”

  1. E-Tavasi Says:

    Nice Picture.. πŸ™‚

  2. nindut lagi nang sa buda na sapa ug falls naa d i nice diha abi nako fruits ra daghan sa buda hehehe
    salamat sa pa vote nako gwafa

  3. Bone MD Says:

    Puede sama pag punta kayo Tagbibinta Falls, Agucan Cold Spring and Mainit Hot spring?? Hehe. Never been to those places.

  4. LoUraiNe Says:

    hhahhhahaha still undecided asa mi manlaag ang mga pahak sa opis jejejeje

  5. Pasyon, Emmanuel C. Says:

    trekker ka talaga? ka-engget

  6. Hi, I think you’ll like the idea that I’m hiking Mt. Washington here in the US. It’s the highest peak in the northeastern US and has an elevation of 6,288ft. It is the home of the world’s worst weather. It will be in July. Have a nice day!

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  7. hay na lng! for your eyes only na lang ta ani bah. hehe…

    tasteful voyage
    a mom’s note

  8. hala ba ka nindot ana nga mga view dae Louraine πŸ™‚
    ka nindot jud sa pinas noh!

  9. Miah Laborte Says:

    wow… ka nindot… naa pud Marangig falls yata to sa Maragusan, nice pud didto… lamia muuban oie.. hahahaha….

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