Pitiful Scenario with a Badjao Mother And Her Child?

Our house is a walking distance from the grocery and so yesterday I went out to buy some items. On my way at the overpass I saw a badjao (curly and bronze-like hairs with brown complexion) and her child, pale and thumb sucking, as if the child has not taken any milk for days. I couldn’t understand what I was feeling. As a mother, I don’t want to see a child starving. Seeing the thing with the Badjao mother who doesn’t seem to care about her child just like using her child so people will show pity and spare them some coin. Grrrrr. For disappointment I hurried so I will not lengthen the agony of seeing that child but the peoples murmuring run through my eardrum

Then another Badjao mother-child at the foot of the overpass, pulling her child limbs. These people are uneducated and beg all the time because they have nothing to buy some food for themselves. They need our governments help.

When I finished my shopping and pass again the overpass the Badjaos were gone, maybe some authority picked them and maybe just some sent them away.


7 Responses to “Pitiful Scenario with a Badjao Mother And Her Child?”

  1. dae louraine buing gyud ni sya oi ahihihi, naa pay hall of fame, unsa vote sa imung blog wako ka gets, ako nya nang i nominate imung blog arun ikaw nasad mag cg laag hahahaha
    unsa vote tell mi kay botohan gyud dayun

  2. salamat sa pag bisita sko blog ha. pwde mki-exlinks dae? 😉


    It was Christmas, or days before Christmas last year, when I’ve encountered Badjao children (about six to ten years of age) roaming around the streets of Los Baños in early morning. They were begging for money.

  4. Last night I heard from the news that Gloria’s son Mikey’s net worth is 89M while the president herself is worth 99M. Then I read this post in your blog. I do not know what to think but something is not right here.

  5. …that is very sad. Oftentimes I wish we have public servants in the PI like the ones we have here in the US.


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  6. my love wala mn d i tika na link oi, niadto pko sa bisdaj nangukay sa imung links, bang!
    ahihihi linking you now
    link me too oi ahihihih
    mag mauy gyud ko run…

  7. treasure box mn d i ni sa, Treasure hunter ka sa DIWAL2 raine? harharhar

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