What Cateel Looks Like?

I was born in Mati, Davao Oriental but i have not been to Cateel. Cateel is one of the municipalities of Davao Oriental. We traveled last May 21-23, 2008 for project monitoring and want to share to you on what other things I saw during our travel aside our infa projects.

We head Cateel via comval (Campostela Valley) That is 1-2 hours from Davao City and another 2-3 hours on a rough road from comval to cateel.

The very first spot I saw was the Cateel River. It has a greenish clear water. We were at the top ridge and like wanting to go for a dip.

They have the Aliwagwag Falls and can be seen along the highway. We had a good shot because road was detoured beneath the bridge which is on its construction phase. You can even see the bottoms of the girder on the photo. Love the beauty of nature and water gushing forth, you can barely take your breathe.

Have you eaten snails? Hehehehe. Not really that delicious but love trying new things. I have the close up of the live snails and with the farmers who caught it. Snails were caught at the floor of the streams.

Who says, Boracay is only at Aklan? hehehe.
Their mode of trasportation? Here is how it looks like?


8 Responses to “What Cateel Looks Like?”

  1. wow! the place is so amazing…

  2. LoUraiNe Says:

    thank you.. place is really nice. clean and green


    Nice place, the photos really define the concepts of “nature” and “basic living” in many ways. Which are good things 🙂 Nice post!

  4. SoccerNanay Says:

    Darn, I miss Davao Oriental. Used to travel to Mati a lot, and Baganga too, when I worked as consultant to the LGU. I miss travelling by motorcycle to the barangays, on that main highway to Mati (forgot the name…the road around the lake). We’re planning to visit Mati when I come back for a little bakasyon.

  5. Miah Laborte Says:

    hala kanindot sa aliwagwag falls… hehehe… ayusa muadto diha uie…

  6. the place looks quiet and peaceful. i like!

  7. I was born in Cateel and grow up there. There are many good things about Cateel. How the people lived, their culture and mode of living. I suggest that you visit Cateel. It is very nice and peaceful place.

  8. engrlouraine Says:

    yes indeed a wonderful place!! yohooooooo

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