Zaina at 9 months

Zaina Yael on my bag, she said I am always out of town for some project monitoring that is why she decided to get inside my pack and asks if she can join me with my travels. Unfortunately I have to leave her home for couple of days to do my work. It’s not easy leaving your kiddo behind.

Right now, she’s on her way to be on her feet. She can actually do two steps forward. It makes my heart pound fast when she does that.

She loves to slap you at your face especially when you are at sleep (wicked kiddo) but actually sweet because as you open your eyes after she has slapped you, you’ll see her smiling wide at you and then sleep beside you.

She loves to eat rice and fruits at the side, she’ll spit if you mix the rice and the viand. heehehe

She calls me baby. She mimics me when I call her baby and maybe she got used to it everytime she hears me even from afar she murmurs baby. Really sweet.


2 Responses to “Zaina at 9 months”

  1. ka hayahay sa imung life oi cg lng mnlaag,
    mag post ka bisdak nag ask nakag user name ug pasword? pag email sa admin or leave msg sa tagboard,
    ahihihi mag lisud mn gani ko post sa bisdak kay wordpress maka buang

  2. LoUraiNe Says:

    hehheeh cge try lang nako day jana. salamat

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