Malipano Island (Pearl Farm), IGACOS

Archiving my old photographs, I saw these sets. I just wanted to share it with you the partial view of Malipano Island and The Pearl Farm Itself. DAR (Department of Agrarian Reform) held its Christmas Party last Dec. 21, 2008 at this island and fortunately I was listed to come over.


7 Responses to “Malipano Island (Pearl Farm), IGACOS”

  1. Rowena Tadiarca Says:

    Wow, really a nice place. BTW, Im passing the flame HAPPY WEEKEND!

  2. nice pixz…sana maka rating den ako gian

  3. oh I love this place!

  4. gandan naman ng place.. Sana makapasyal din ako dyan..:) by the way, this coming july I will have some contests.. check me out if u can.

  5. HulaGirl Says:

    wahihihi kinsa mana ARTISTA diha oi!, sus abi nako kinsa na si SPORTY and babaye mn d i toinks…I miss davao na gyud ug wala mi kaabut sa pearl farm, adto ra mi samal kanag ambut kalimut kos name hahahaha basta sa samal island to, beach mn gani to sakay2 bangka ahihihihi kaluoy sa imung anak gd…

  6. LoUraiNe Says:

    hahahha sakay man gyud na bangka paadto sa samal dae jana hahahah.. bago ra na kabuhi sa hawla ng pusinga na

  7. Shimumsy Says:

    I once over there and looking forward of coming back.

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