Insect Bites

Zaina is a victim of insect bites and can’t stand these red ants crawling all over our bed. We have been cleaning ang spraying so they won’t be coming back but all we did to prevent it gone to nothing. They just keep on coming back and target my little princes. Right now she got lots of insect bites and it sores and leave them marks. do you know something that might help my problem. Zaina has a sensitive skin, the more we put on oitments it get to sore more and worsen the problem. I have put off lotion on her skin to keep those little creature creeping over but still it got nothing to help the situation. She have been irritated with the bites and keep scratching them. Haayyy, I really feel helpless. What should I do?


One Response to “Insect Bites”

  1. Carlota Says:

    try baking soda…mix with a little water.

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