Wearing High Heels

I bought a new pair of high-heel-shoes last december and I wore it just today. Trying to transform my boyish image, I tried it on. In the morning on my way office everything is just fine coz I feel really feminine (LOL) but as hours passed by, i feel pain. And because canteen was out because of the sportsfest held outside the office we run to the nearest carenderia (30m away). So I have to bear the walking in the highway with the heat on because it was noontime. It really got my endurance tested, my feet hurts. It sores because I was not used to wearing high heels and my feet best suit step in sandals or betteryet with my rubber shoes. haaaayyyy. As we went back the office, my sandals burst out hahhahaha another thing to laugh about. I had it repaired with the help of Kuya Johnny. Going home is another torture, instead of riding a jeepney I opted to ride on a taxi cab. I feel better taking off those turtoring heels. Quite an experience for this day! Should I wear high heels again?


11 Responses to “Wearing High Heels”

  1. I’m not fond of HH…sorry for what happened to you.

    See you in my blogs,

  2. Yes, its a good practise and it helps you keep fit too especially the abdomen.

    Bitaw, uy mahilig man ko sa heels kay aron puno2x sa height naanad rako nadugay cg suot hills jud.

    Diay I am also a bisdak from bisdak planet.

    Yeah, try again next time wearing heels…

  3. I have been in that situation… when I wore a 3-inch heeled shoes in a wedding of my friend. Both my feet were hurt as the wedding ceremony plus the reception lasted for 4 hours.

    I completely understand you… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. DoN CeSaR Says:

    Nice blog i like it, thanks for ur visit. I know is a shame that the humans do that just for nothing

  5. hi anne. i had a good laugh this morning reading your post. just happy to realize that men are privilege enough not to wear 3 or 6 incher shoes in high heels. hahaha. been reading your posts. nice to know you you’re friend of kat consuegra. r u from mati? me from cateel. ex-links tayo ha.

  6. hi lourine:

    tnx for visiting my site. i have just posted Dahican Beach Adventure which i had last weekend. My main site is:


    exlinks tayo ha… kj is in dubai now. her olader sister and i are classmates back in hyskul and we belong to the same set of close friends kaya naging friend ko na din si kj. ingatz always and hope to see you too soon. cute ng baby mo. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. hehehe…suot ko high heels kay gamay ko nga tawo…tiis na lng bisan sakit.

    tasteful voyage
    a mom’s note
    Filipino love stories

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  9. frogstone Says:

    LOL’s you have lots of fun on that day..

    keep wearing heels to have better changes..


    i have fun reading your comments..

    keep posting and i will be one of your manny funs..:)

  10. haha… too late na akong reaction pero cge lang

    ako pud… makaimagine ko sa imong nafeel atong adlawa. mangita gani ko ug trabaho na dili required ang heels ^_^

    although i think it makes girls pretty

    depende nlng sa pag timbang2x sa comfort ug ka-pretty? lol

  11. LoUraiNe Says:

    hehhehe sure i’ll be wearing them again

    thank you for leaving your comments.

    take care and God bless

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