On Bulldozer

This may seem ironic. I am a Civil Engineer by profession but I just realized the types of heavy equipments. Realized in the sense that I was confused on which is the bulldozer, the grader and the dump truck (kidding a little) I can’t help but giggle to laughter on my mistakes. I was not hesitant to tell you this because I am a neophyte not much of the construction of roads and more on the vertical construction. But surely as time and experience counts I will be better. Hehehehe I hope so!

On the picture, I can proudly say that I am on a bulldozer location was at Cateel, Davao Oriental for road construction.


5 Responses to “On Bulldozer”

  1. hi, louraine! visiting ur site again… I was busy last week, and its only now that I find time to blog hop.

    My hubby is a heavy equipment sr. mechanic that’s why I am kinda familiar with the said stuff. Bulldozer, i think, has a blade or metal plate to push soil… it is also called a “crawler”.

    Your pic here is cool. I think your profession is very challenging. Keep up the good work.

  2. Miah Laborte Says:

    hahaha mao… ako pud la ko kaila ana nila.. uie cvi engr d i ka..astig ah.. hehehe.. 🙂

  3. FROGSTONE Says:

    heheh patudlo ko drive ug bulldozer beh?

    Y man gitawag na xa nga bulldozer?


  4. heheheh salamat sa pag agi sa payag! 😛

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