Lazy Days

I’m having a bad week. hayyy. I just don’t want to go out and be at the office and do the same task everyday *sigh* Things like starting to go boring. I feel like there are no growth and that I feel my brain cells are all stuck-up. Grrr!

I’ve been lazy posting anything on this blog. I have lots on mind but I just could not start writing to pour out what I have been thinking and feeling right now.

My officemate Melody said that what I am now is of Quarter life crisis. Me feeling like I like to resign from work. Feeling like I don’t know what to feel hahahahhaha.. sounds like i’m going out a little tormented but I am not.

Starting to fuel up again!


3 Responses to “Lazy Days”

  1. Fernando C. Zamora Says:

    it always happens and when it happens to you, you would say that this is not nice…sometimes i think that i need to go wild by picking a fight with a polar bear if i can, or swim in a sea full of sharks, or join the politics… LOL. perhaps one of the best advice i got from my friends include seeing angelic face so i start looking at the mirror every morning. LOL.

  2. hala ka anna impas gyud ka ana..hehehhe murag magpamental nalang tingali ka..:)


    bitaw one piece of advice just be cool and you need some fresh air to breath and a good view to unwind your life and still put God in the center of your life..

    We all pass on that stage but dont worry friends are there to comfort you…


  3. hahahha… maybe i’d go swim at the sea full of shark?? ahahhahah huhuhuhuhuhuh.. i am such a baby :((
    awww baby gyud! loser na lang.

    change mode. emo mode

    not really appreciating what i have right now 😦

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