How to create an Animated gif?

Got a real good start this morning. While I was half awake, I felt a kiss from a cute lips. ahahhahaha thinking of something? It was my daughter zaina. We end up cuddling each other. So cute.

Yesterday after doing my work I was browsing through my multiply account and saw some photos on fast slide all in one file. I can’t get to stop myself to know how it was created. And so I search for it and was linked to youtube.

Here’s the thing I was talking about.


Go experiment for yourselves. Enjoy.
Here’s the link to help you. How to create an Animated gif


2 Responses to “How to create an Animated gif?”

  1. cute baby.. nice animation!

  2. engrlouraine Says:

    wow hi thank you for appreciating.. Shes my daughter.. 🙂

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