Kalag-kalag 2008

In tagalog Halloween is called Undas, here in Mindanao its called Kalag-Kalag. Kalag means ghost and kalag-kalag means ghost-ghost, no! was just kidding. That is just how they call them so we follow with no questions. He he he.

We spent kalag-kalag at my place in Mati, Davao Oriental, where beaches are clean. But we didn’t go home to swim. We had a little lunch at my moms grave last November 1, 2008. My Uncles, Aunties, Cousins, Lolo Marcelino, Lola Presentacion and the rest of the gang hehehehe were there enjoying a 15 kilo litson with kinilaw and crab. Yummy! With the scent of the cemetery, hmmmm air was so naturally decaying? hehehhe joke!. We were at the public cemetery and not on private ones, just visualize how it looked like. But the feeling of peace and love from my family is like of the old times. If you have followed the last post I did, I said I don’t normally go home for several reasons that is why I enjoyed the moment with my mom rested and my relatives having a little chitchats.

That’s it for kalag-kalag 2008.


More photos were posted at multiply page


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