Preparing My Christmas List

I will be a Santa Clause for the coming holidays for my loved ones. They say its more fun to give than to receive! yeahh but still loved to receive one hahahhaha!

At this point, I’m bound to list the persons I ought to give some presents for Christmas except for those compulsory hhhihihi like my daughter Zaina.

I have to start with my relatives from Mati, like uncles and aunts and cousins especially lolo and lola. On the other side- King’s family. King spared a budget for everyone to receive little presents not necessarily coming from UAE but coming from his sweetness through me. Hmm they better be good hehehe.

Excited for the coming Holidays that I have to do things early so I won’t go panic and must prepare and keep things in order. I know Christmas is for kids but still I think like a kid so I consider myself as one so that would be it. Yey! I will have much presents, anticipating (wahhhhhhhhhh)!!

Had to spare extra budget for the gifts, food and some nice clothes. Pinoy! That’s how we Filipinos spend Christmas but the greatest part is the time we spend to gather and celebrate the season. With me and my cousins do carols to our loved ones and end up bargaining each other with one peso coin. All things so priceless.

Would it be the same this coming holidays?



4 Responses to “Preparing My Christmas List”

  1. Louraine pamasko ko huh? Agi ko deri dai.

  2. Louraine pamasko ko huh? Agi ko deri dai.

  3. engrlouraine Says:

    awww hehhehe aga sab kaau ka mamasko dae joy ahhahahahhahaha isahan ko dah 😛 toinks

  4. Kasama ba ako sa list? he! he!

    Buti ka pa…I haven’t even started my list yet! Panic time? 🙂

    Have a great weekend louraine!

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