Chismis Sa Office

Have you ever been the star of your office that it feels like you have the longest hair in the world? Sounds crazy but I was once in the hot seat of gossipers at this office. Whew!

The story came out like this, as per told, they say that I go “sip-sip” with the Big boss just to stay extended for work because we are just contractual workers, we need renew contract every 3-6 months, depende kung pa extend ka pa in accordance to your works load.

What is with these people that they keep throwing me stone and backbites? They can’t face it, I still stay because I still have work to finish for terminal reports and everything that is until end of December.  People sucks just because they envy you. Just making my hair go longer and wondering “do they hate me for what?

Here’s the point, work outside this office is waiting and moreso if not I can always go home and farm, so what? At least I have something to cultivate and keep my fingers working. *sigh*

What’s with those people who could not just work and make themselves productive? So what the heck I’m staying until December so that’s it. There was these times that I wanted to file resignation but I could not. I am too arrogant if that would be the case and ungrateful of the things offered before me and was just thinking of “those” people. Silly me!

Hayy, as they say I am still a neophyte. Things are different at school and at work (though was here for a year yet I still don’t get it).

People tend to say and do things just to make you feel small and unwanted. Anyhow, if this is how working place is then I should be more stronger and firm and just do the my thing and learn how to let it pass from one ear to another. (That’s what I am doing now, letting it pass).


4 Responses to “Chismis Sa Office”

  1. ideadma sila kay madaut atung beauty ana! hehe!

  2. People who are the subject of office gossip are almost always the good people…those who throw in their best. Sikat ka louraine! 🙂 Just do what you think is right. Hayaan mo na sila.

  3. engrlouraine Says:

    hahahha ylan gurl!!!

    mao man madaut ang daot nga beauty.
    in tagalog masisira ang sira na na mukha hehehhehe

  4. engrlouraine Says:


    heheh oo nga sikat! 😀 hhheheehe parang nasa electric chair sinisentensyahan kahit wala kasalanan hayyyy..

    yaw ko maging sikat i’d rather make myself invisible than be a star..

    pero wala magawa hehehhe palaging nakikita..

    hayyy *sigh*

    mahaba na hair ko abot na sa north pole LOLS

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