Traffic Mania at AlphaInventions

Was upset today but when I saw my traffic just boosting up and got curious of what was going on? hehehehe I went back to my dashboard to see my referrers then saw Alpha Inventions

Then  clicking it for  me to see who this was and saw a social networking for bloggers and indeed a wonderful site to boost your traffic! Hmm ahemm ahemm just give it a try and Big thanks to a regular guy working on an apartment and an old car with a big imagination.

At first I was a bit puzzled of how it works. Go check it out. It does real work!! hmm hmm  hmm 😀 Enjoy!

Totally new me. Embellished with laughter, tears and judgement. Wahahahah!


6 Responses to “Traffic Mania at AlphaInventions”

  1. they gave me a little boost also but I am still at a loss as to how it works (slow huh)

    oh well…gon go check out sum o ur wrk

  2. engrlouraine Says:

    yahh hi!! tnx for leaving some comments 🙂

  3. Traffic Mania at AlphaInventions

    I felt the same way too
    thanks for sharing..

  4. Hi hope your has been kind 🙂 same here I’m geting traffic, all good thanks

  5. I have no idea how I wound up there, but I’ve enjoyed reading all the blogs there.


  6. brucehood Says:

    Yup.. I got an AI hit buzz as well

    Come by and say hello

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