Sigawan Sa Palengke (Yelling at the Wet Market)

Doing my weekly  Shopping, when suddenly the woman next to me was at her breathe, screaming on a vendor and the vendor on the otherhand was screaming back. I really didn’t get their issue though, all I heard was, ayaw panakit! (don’t hurt!) hhehehe hope my translation is right, I mean the woman says, “Don’t hurt people”.

I do not have that chismosa (gossiper) nature and so I head on and bought pork meat and just saw the woman leave and the vendor was still on a loud voice like “I can go back to jail just to get back on you” Nyah! Scaryyyyy.. maybe he was just kidding and then I continued my shopping.

Bought some squid, sea weeds (latu) like the green thing. Then some veggies and hurried home and cooked some adobong pusit with oyster sauce. Yummy!

That’s it for the day! And good news, I’ve decided to put on some Bisaya – English  Translation relevant to my post.


palingke – marketplace
isda – fish
lung ag – cook
palit – buy
kaon – eat
pusit – squid


8 Responses to “Sigawan Sa Palengke (Yelling at the Wet Market)”

  1. Ay…ayoko nakakakita ng nag-aaway! I am a peace-loving person…he! he!

  2. engrlouraine Says:

    oo nga.. they were all nagging to each other. hehhe it was a shot scene though

  3. i hate loud people, too. i feel nervous so easily.. ..

  4. i don;’t like yelling, too

  5. i can’t understand why thee are impulsive people when they could talk out everything peaceably without shouting.

  6. engrlouraine Says:

    triple mel ahihihih :

    just thinking that they were just joking. I don’t mind people shouting but i mind people who would hurt each other in front of me. I will be scared to death by then.

    thank you for dropping

  7. hehe 🙂 palayo jud ka. basin mapiskan ka ug dugo :)) ( kindly translate it for english readers)

  8. engrlouraine Says:

    hehhehe hatagan pako og trabaho.. ungo kaau ka lui hehehhe

    hmmm translation:

    hahaha kapoya oi! buzz if u need me to translate them hehehhe

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