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The Holidays!

Posted in Feasts/Party on December 31, 2008 by engrlouraine

Busy with the holidays. Butas ang bulsa! hahahaha Bahala na as long as I’ve made other people happy, it doesn’t matter.

So many things happened to me the past days!

Enjoyed reunions, parties and there’s no need to  elaborate more because still it talks about food, fun and so much fun to see old friends and relatives from afar.

And this, SSSSSSSSSSSUUNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGG! nasunog office namin due to faulty wiring. While I was on my way Davao City from Padada (An hour and a half  travel),  Melody Anne called me up  informing that our office is on fire! Nyahhh I am hysterical that time not because of my office files but because my personal files which I left in the Steel Cabinet for some reasons. The clear book where I organized my files contains my Original Birth Certificate, NSO Authentications of Several Documents, TOR, Diploma, Red Ribbon/DFA Authentication, Passports (mine and zaina’s), and other important documents!. When I get to the office compound I saw half of the office burnt, as the remains of the fire. I  hurriedly went to the steel cabinet and it was still there. The Fire Inspector warned me not to open the steel cabinet for it may still be hot. When I told him that I just want to take a peek if my personal files where ashes or what, he let me open it after several minutes seeing my face so anxious. I took my keys and opened them, hayyyyyy I almost sat on the floor to happiness that everything was intacked. Another lesson learned and should be included in my new years resolutions – keep your important documents to the safest place.

I have a short list for new years resolution and a long prayer for endurance and patience! I am excited to what year 2009 awaits me and most thankful for the abundance of year 2008.


Photo Trip

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(Photos were taken weeks before. My models were Badz (on green blouse) and Melowdee, my office buddies. Venue was at old office of DAR XI, which is currently demolished and employees transferred to their new home)

Without them I will be bored to death with office life. At least, If I have no Travel Orders for Project inspections with the Consultants, we’ll be sharing our lunch and chatting would follow with huge laughters like no one else is around the canteen. Some good old days to remember. And After office? We got food trips, Malling, Gym and Sauna Sessions. I miss them! *sigh*

But because DAR-MinSSAD Project is about to end, manpower were cut down. Badz, ended her contract last Nov 15 while Melowdee detailed temporarily at DAR & SANYU Offices in Quezon City for the closing of the accounts for the consultants. And me, to  finish the attachments for the terminal reports for the Infrastructure components.

We got to update each other through SMS or with YM. And much excitement for the near church wedding of badz and her boyfriend on the 23rd of December in time that Melowdee will be back on 4am flight same day. I sense foodtrips again and city escapades.

I’m having countdowns, and busy sighting for my outfit for badz special day! yeyyy. They normally joke on me that I am a guy because I don’t used to wearing dress. This time I will have to, and so, for this coming Dec 17, Christmas Party for MinSSAD Project at the Waterfront Hotel, with 16 Mayors, Project Managers and VIPs, wahhhh  I am having a real big problem. Good luck on me. he! he!

Bisaya – English Translation

kamatayon – death

adlaw – day

magstorya – chat

uyab – boyfriend/girlfriend

sinena – dress

Busy Week

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I’m having a very busy week, whew! Much things to update and comply before December 23, 2008 because we are having a very long legal holidays from December 24 to January 3, 2009 here in the Philippines. I got Project profiles to finish and letters to do. Hoping to finish them before the DEADline? crossing my fingers, I am positive though!

Part of my list that made me even busy was to go NSO to claim our CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) that was on process for more than 3 weeks. Early months before,  a friend secured  same document, they claimed it after three days but now you will have to wait for more than three weeks! But its okay I don’t really need them now, I am just preparing our papers for a civil wedding. Hahahaha, when? soon, hopefully.

After NSO I went to SSS to claim my ID which was applied last april this year, then they just inform me that IDs for months applied from April onwards were not yet delivered, too long? It must be made out from gold or platinum? Eii, I love that hehehhe if that is the case, its worth waiting.

And now, back to office works.

Bisaya – English Translations

taas – long

adto – go

kuha – secure

hulat – wait

kuha – claim

Million Ways to Say – Thank You!

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Too many ways to say thank you to the ones we love that we often forget to do so. Many times we just take them for granted knowing that they will be there for us and its a big mistake.

How will they feel if we give them a tap on their shoulder? How about a kiss in the morning and before going to sleep. A hug, is much that I do appreciate especially if it came from my dear king.

Obviously, I miss my man. Can’t think of anything that will simply equate the things he has done for our family. I’m always missing him. And its a bit hard that we can’t get to do the things we wanted to, to make thim feel that we are blessed and thankful of him.

During the night, my mind is traveling, enjoying the days spent when he was around. We miss the fun and everything about him.

Today is his special day. I can’t think of anything to do because of distance. I hope this simple post will somehow make him feel that he is special and always remembered. Happy birthday!

Sometime again, we will be together. And we are greatly anticipating for that day!

Go ahead and show your own way to express how much you appreciate your loved ones. There are million ways to do them,  do at least one and much more better if you show them all your way.

Bisaya-English Translations

pamaagi – ways

gugma – love

abaga – shoulder

lingaw – fun

karon –  today