The Holidays!

Busy with the holidays. Butas ang bulsa! hahahaha Bahala na as long as I’ve made other people happy, it doesn’t matter.

So many things happened to me the past days!

Enjoyed reunions, parties and there’s no need to  elaborate more because still it talks about food, fun and so much fun to see old friends and relatives from afar.

And this, SSSSSSSSSSSUUNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGG! nasunog office namin due to faulty wiring. While I was on my way Davao City from Padada (An hour and a half  travel),  Melody Anne called me up  informing that our office is on fire! Nyahhh I am hysterical that time not because of my office files but because my personal files which I left in the Steel Cabinet for some reasons. The clear book where I organized my files contains my Original Birth Certificate, NSO Authentications of Several Documents, TOR, Diploma, Red Ribbon/DFA Authentication, Passports (mine and zaina’s), and other important documents!. When I get to the office compound I saw half of the office burnt, as the remains of the fire. I  hurriedly went to the steel cabinet and it was still there. The Fire Inspector warned me not to open the steel cabinet for it may still be hot. When I told him that I just want to take a peek if my personal files where ashes or what, he let me open it after several minutes seeing my face so anxious. I took my keys and opened them, hayyyyyy I almost sat on the floor to happiness that everything was intacked. Another lesson learned and should be included in my new years resolutions – keep your important documents to the safest place.

I have a short list for new years resolution and a long prayer for endurance and patience! I am excited to what year 2009 awaits me and most thankful for the abundance of year 2008.


6 Responses to “The Holidays!”

  1. Happy New year louraine! 🙂

  2. wooo! I am glad the fire was contained before your files got burned.

    happy new year! i hope this year will be better for you

  3. hehehhe hapi new yr grace.. 😀

  4. engrlouraine Says:

    hahhah thank you pchi!!

  5. gosh! it would be lot of paper works and too much time to have all those documents acquired again. good thing, you don’t have to. 🙂

    happy new year, louraine! 🙂

  6. cheers mordsith 😀

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