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Davao Crocodile Park

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After the holidays, still got reserved energies to go the Davao Crocodile Park. The name speaks for itself, the crocs from small to huge.

The plan of going the crocs park was since before the holidays and finally just from the essence of boredom on a saturday afternoon we packed zaina’s things, took the taxi cab and off we go and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

Let me take you there with these set of photos. Yahihi

paak ko sa buwaya

helllllllllllllppppppppppppp.. the croc.. hehehehe its teeth were sharp, though a replica, still got pains.


The fun part, feeding the ostrich. Zaina did not enjoyed that much because she was scared. But the later part she started cheering. Yahooo..

dsc05644 dsc05768Meet PANGIL he is hugeeeeeeeeeeee the oldest among the crocs. He got that sweeping power that expectators back off as he splash them water as he wiggles. Cool! Good thing I wasn’t that close to the cage as when he does that he he he

dsc05800 Cousin Wiluard holding the Iguana for a photo shoot. (Dont be mistaken, He is not the actor-comedian Bayani Agbayani) he he he



The Fear Factor: Phyton Edition hehhehe scaryyyy but I conquered my fear, for the sake of  photo art. nyahhh. Phytons skin wasn’t really slimmy like I’ve thought it was just like of the baby crocs.