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Went Topless

Posted in Babies with tags on November 28, 2008 by engrlouraine

Tsarannnnnnnnnnn!! Presenting the mother and child bonding. This is just how we spend our time together- Cuddling each other and it really feels good and great that you get to hold your child every now and then. I feel so blessed to have a kiddo like my zaina.

Now, she knows how to hold the remote control and seek channel she wanted to watch on the television. When bathing, she want to do it herself, even putting powder on her face and chest. She can do the hep hep hurray of wowowee (abs-cbn channel2). She can dance the piso a day (rexona dance). Humming songs only she understands. When brushing her teeth, instead of the toothbrush moving, she shakes her head  and the toothbrush steady. She wanted to eat alone and spill everything in the table then scattering them until everything is in the floor, then try to pick them again and put them on her plate, nyahhh, have to really look after her when she does that.

Still waiting to see her next moves. God bless her with good health always.

Bisaya – English Translation

hangop – cuddle

bati   –  feel

inusara – alone

gunit – hold

tan-aw  – watch


Water Birth and Natural Birth

Posted in Babies with tags , on November 20, 2008 by engrlouraine

Was at youtube, busy watching on videos of moms giving birth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a mom too and it still surprises me how babies coming out from us after nine happy months.

I had Natural Birth in a Maternity Clinic with midwives helping me out. It was an hour of pushing and breathing. Until now, I still can’t believe that I have actually gone through the process of it, but indeed was a really happy experience to completely say I am now a Woman.

Water Birth, if you ever have seen the movie Apocalypto where the woman gave birth on a well, it was very interesting. That was the first time I saw that water birth exists. In modern times, some hospitals and maternity clinic offers water birth using tubs. Hmm if you ever plan of doing so, you are really one courageous woman. Good luck and cheers!

Happy being a woman! 🙂



That’s me with Zaina during her first week! And now she’s One year old and three months going four months on December 5.


My Model

Posted in Babies, Photography with tags , , , , on August 30, 2008 by engrlouraine

One lazy saturday afternoon. I put on my black jacket with hood on zaina like a dress hehehe. Striking some pose, heres the result. A promising model in the future. Thats what bored people can do. click clicks *smiles*

Zaina at One year and 24 days old

Posted in Babies, Photography with tags , , on August 29, 2008 by engrlouraine

Meet zaina. The apple of our eyes. Our worlds makes it more wonderful because of her. Right now her molar teeth are growing, though experiencing fever she still manages to sing, dance, hop and walk with murmuring than only she can understand. She’s adorable more than you know.

Sleeping late

Posted in Babies with tags on June 23, 2008 by engrlouraine

I slept late because I was looking after zaina. The whole night she was scratching her insect bites whose swollen and red and she was so sleepy then plus she had a bad stomach. We put some manzanilla on her tummy to relieve her pain but it didn’t help. It was really a chaotic night. I carried her back and forth our room and the living room so her attention will lead to strolling. It helped a bit but zaina again cried hard due to itch. We put on her socks to prevent her from scratching her bites coz its starting to wound. I just held her and caressed her back and limbs. Really poor kiddo. I dont know what time we really rested and retired. The thing is zaina woke me up caressing my cheeks and it relieved me. Thank God she’s fine now.

Insect Bites

Posted in Babies with tags , on June 22, 2008 by engrlouraine

Zaina is a victim of insect bites and can’t stand these red ants crawling all over our bed. We have been cleaning ang spraying so they won’t be coming back but all we did to prevent it gone to nothing. They just keep on coming back and target my little princes. Right now she got lots of insect bites and it sores and leave them marks. do you know something that might help my problem. Zaina has a sensitive skin, the more we put on oitments it get to sore more and worsen the problem. I have put off lotion on her skin to keep those little creature creeping over but still it got nothing to help the situation. She have been irritated with the bites and keep scratching them. Haayyy, I really feel helpless. What should I do?

My Kindergarten Identification Card

Posted in Babies with tags on June 11, 2008 by engrlouraine

Thanks to my mother she kept these IDs. Not everyone have kept their kindergarten IDs, lucky me. Salamat ma! Lab you!