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Photo Trip

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(Photos were taken weeks before. My models were Badz (on green blouse) and Melowdee, my office buddies. Venue was at old office of DAR XI, which is currently demolished and employees transferred to their new home)

Without them I will be bored to death with office life. At least, If I have no Travel Orders for Project inspections with the Consultants, we’ll be sharing our lunch and chatting would follow with huge laughters like no one else is around the canteen. Some good old days to remember. And After office? We got food trips, Malling, Gym and Sauna Sessions. I miss them! *sigh*

But because DAR-MinSSAD Project is about to end, manpower were cut down. Badz, ended her contract last Nov 15 while Melowdee detailed temporarily at DAR & SANYU Offices in Quezon City for the closing of the accounts for the consultants. And me, to  finish the attachments for the terminal reports for the Infrastructure components.

We got to update each other through SMS or with YM. And much excitement for the near church wedding of badz and her boyfriend on the 23rd of December in time that Melowdee will be back on 4am flight same day. I sense foodtrips again and city escapades.

I’m having countdowns, and busy sighting for my outfit for badz special day! yeyyy. They normally joke on me that I am a guy because I don’t used to wearing dress. This time I will have to, and so, for this coming Dec 17, Christmas Party for MinSSAD Project at the Waterfront Hotel, with 16 Mayors, Project Managers and VIPs, wahhhh  I am having a real big problem. Good luck on me. he! he!

Bisaya – English Translation

kamatayon – death

adlaw – day

magstorya – chat

uyab – boyfriend/girlfriend

sinena – dress


Busy Week

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I’m having a very busy week, whew! Much things to update and comply before December 23, 2008 because we are having a very long legal holidays from December 24 to January 3, 2009 here in the Philippines. I got Project profiles to finish and letters to do. Hoping to finish them before the DEADline? crossing my fingers, I am positive though!

Part of my list that made me even busy was to go NSO to claim our CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) that was on process for more than 3 weeks. Early months before,  a friend secured  same document, they claimed it after three days but now you will have to wait for more than three weeks! But its okay I don’t really need them now, I am just preparing our papers for a civil wedding. Hahahaha, when? soon, hopefully.

After NSO I went to SSS to claim my ID which was applied last april this year, then they just inform me that IDs for months applied from April onwards were not yet delivered, too long? It must be made out from gold or platinum? Eii, I love that hehehhe if that is the case, its worth waiting.

And now, back to office works.

Bisaya – English Translations

taas – long

adto – go

kuha – secure

hulat – wait

kuha – claim

Two Years as Engineers

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(Photo was taken two years ago during our oath taking at Grand Men Seng Hotel, Davao City. The person next to me is my KING, zaina’s father who is working overseas as pinoy Expat in Abu Dhabi)

I was not minding on it when a friend who happens to pass same board exam dated (Nov 18-19, 2006) buzz me at my yahoo messenger to congratulate ourselves *blushes*

Reminiscing the sleepless nights to memorize the formula and practice solving. Making little notes and sticking them on the walls where cartolina papers, manila paper full of formula to be memorized were posted like wallpapers.

Those times when me and my friends at the review center actually doing henna tattoo with our ballpens ink and doing nonsense at the back part of the room instead of listening to our mentor. We were a mess! Even our mentors, make statements like “first timers really don’t pay much attention and when they fail and enroll the second time that’s when they pay attention”. he he he. The reason why we were so noisy is that we have answered the pamphlets/booklets they have given to us ahead of time and that we only listen to things that we have not understood well. Me and my friends live in one place during the 6-months review phase so we do crazy things together.

When we got the result via internet 11pm three days after the last day of the exam, only one friend did not passed, he was always going home, Bukidnon and didn’t had enough time to review more. Me and King passed the exam in one  take and so with james lee, so blessed for our efforts paid off. Thank God!


Now the question is: HOW AM I DOING AS AN ENGINEER? A very though question that I have been asking myself lately, I have been in DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways) as programmer/estimator, In MinSSAD Consultants office as Site Coordinator but working like a Technical Assistant in the office because most of the time, I am at the office doing the Project Profile. And now I am absorbed in CPMO Office of MinSSAD (Mindanao Sustainable Settlement Area Development) Project as Quantity Surveyor. Sounds tough but not really sure as per career, if I have gone that far. Still making my way, and exploring the life of a Civil Engineer.  Hoping to see its depthness and usefulness in this world.

Bisaya – English Translation

samok – noisy

amigo/amiga – friend

balay – house

paningkamot – effort

walay pulos – nonsense

On Bulldozer

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This may seem ironic. I am a Civil Engineer by profession but I just realized the types of heavy equipments. Realized in the sense that I was confused on which is the bulldozer, the grader and the dump truck (kidding a little) I can’t help but giggle to laughter on my mistakes. I was not hesitant to tell you this because I am a neophyte not much of the construction of roads and more on the vertical construction. But surely as time and experience counts I will be better. Hehehehe I hope so!

On the picture, I can proudly say that I am on a bulldozer location was at Cateel, Davao Oriental for road construction.

The Boodle Fight

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We went to Laak, Campostela Valley for MinSSAD Sub-Projects Turnover last July 1, 2008. A ride from Davao City is about three hours on a long rough road. My back is a bit aching due to humps of the road but is certainly a real great ride.

One thing that I remember most about the trip is the experience of boodle fighting. The fight isn’t like that of boxing. Boodle fighting is a military style of eating.Three long table were prepared and food are on top of the banana leaves. Viands and rice ready to eat using your bare hands. Of course jugs of water are prepared on the side for us to wash our hands before the combat. With the signal to start the boodle fight everyone had their position. Yeba! Ready get set, go!

Below are the photos as evidences. (Laughing out Loud)

Meriendas served before the Boodle Fight!




And long tablesWith the Big Personalities of DAR XI, Municipal Mayor, and Project Manager of MinSSAD Project

And looking forward for another boodle fight! Heya.. I’m ready (“,) hehehehe

Aeta Queen

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Have you ever been to an IP Village? As in Indigenous Peoples Village of Sto. Tomas Davao del Norte? I just wanted to share to you the joys of seeing how happy people, though they live uplands, away from the city life.

Hesitantly, I spoke to an aeta mother, I was surprised that she knows how to speak bisaya, I thought she won’t mind me because they have their own tribal language. Thank you that I tried, she told me that they are happy knowing that the government will be putting up a Multi Purpose Building and Water System (Wind Mill) aside from the Rehabilitation and Improvement of San Jose-Talos Road (4.22 kms) and the San Jose Bridge dedicated especially for the Aetas through the effort of DAR-MinSSAD Project.

I hope these projects will do them well.

(Photos By: Sir Jules and Sir Payks)

Another thing, have you noticed? they have straight hairs now? they had it relaxed *wide smiles*

My Sketch Up Practice

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What do you think about my drawing? Hmmm too simple right but it took me a day to finish this project. I took my tutorial on line at video help for sketch up pro by aidan chopra . I am not advertising but it is really a cool thing to do aside blogging hehehe..

I wanted to share how I made this but really it was not really easy. I mean it took me days on video tutorial before I can actually do the image above.

Way back college I used to play the game “The Sims” its very first version building houses by your style and colour. You can even choose the type of tiles you wanted, you will design your floor plan, and you will choose your fixtures, plants, carpets. I’m pretty sure some of you here have played Sims.

I would like to concentrate again with AutoCAD but I’m not having enough time to master its commands. You might be wondering why i am inclined with building houses, nothing really i just love to explore.

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