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Got another set of flowers or you! Taken at Sto. Tomas, Davao del Norte. Heavy rains was pouring on our way doing the Final Inspection for Feeder Road 8 Water System. When the rain stopped, I saw these flowers, flauting its beauty. Enchanting beauty!

Colors of Kadayawan Festival 2008

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Kadayawan 2008 is a festival for the abundance of good harvest from crops to flowers. Indigenous people (lumads)celebrates it through ethnic dances and dancing.

We had fun roaming around the festival highlights like the indak2 sa kadalanan (street dancing) and the floral parade. Floats made out from flowers molded in artistry and perfection.

Thank you for celebrating!!


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Something I caught back in Cateel travel near the Sohoton Footbridge. They say practice makes perfect. Then i will practice some more. *smiles*

Hot Spring

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Wondering what’s on the picture?? hehhehe Don’t vomit, you don’t have to. Pictures don’t tell it all.

The story behind these photos is that we were mobiling at the highway of Brgy Mainit, Cateel, Davao Oriental and it just caught our attention. Two guys were cleaning a swine ready for roasting (liston na baboy here in the Philippines). Wondering why at the shoulder of the road? But before the incident, somebody informed that the place has a hot spring. Really cool! They soaked the dead pig at the water tub then peeled its skin with a four edged stick. In short, they are making the place a slaughter house. Too bad to see, that the sanitation isn’t that cautious. Feathers from chicken and some other animal parts were loitered around the natural hot water tub. Hoping to have it rehabilitated and improved like making some garbage pit at the distance and some decent platform to perform their cleaning and not on top of a sack.

That’s a hot spot still. They can still improve them. Crossing my fingers though.

A masterpiece

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During our inspection in Cateel, I saw a butterfly on a flower. I stay still and was careful not to disturb the said scene. I feel really happy and spirit uplifted to have captured it well. I am a frustrated photographer and I can’t contain myself not to shoot unto anything that gives me real joy.

And some nice shoots I had.

Shooting some more.. (“,)

On Bulldozer

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This may seem ironic. I am a Civil Engineer by profession but I just realized the types of heavy equipments. Realized in the sense that I was confused on which is the bulldozer, the grader and the dump truck (kidding a little) I can’t help but giggle to laughter on my mistakes. I was not hesitant to tell you this because I am a neophyte not much of the construction of roads and more on the vertical construction. But surely as time and experience counts I will be better. Hehehehe I hope so!

On the picture, I can proudly say that I am on a bulldozer location was at Cateel, Davao Oriental for road construction.

Bluejaz Resort

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Bluejaz Resort is located in Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS), its a 10 minute trip of boat from Davao City.

These are the photos I have captured last June 27-28, 2008. Enjoy! (“,)