Two Years as Engineers

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(Photo was taken two years ago during our oath taking at Grand Men Seng Hotel, Davao City. The person next to me is my KING, zaina’s father who is working overseas as pinoy Expat in Abu Dhabi)

I was not minding on it when a friend who happens to pass same board exam dated (Nov 18-19, 2006) buzz me at my yahoo messenger to congratulate ourselves *blushes*

Reminiscing the sleepless nights to memorize the formula and practice solving. Making little notes and sticking them on the walls where cartolina papers, manila paper full of formula to be memorized were posted like wallpapers.

Those times when me and my friends at the review center actually doing henna tattoo with our ballpens ink and doing nonsense at the back part of the room instead of listening to our mentor. We were a mess! Even our mentors, make statements like “first timers really don’t pay much attention and when they fail and enroll the second time that’s when they pay attention”. he he he. The reason why we were so noisy is that we have answered the pamphlets/booklets they have given to us ahead of time and that we only listen to things that we have not understood well. Me and my friends live in one place during the 6-months review phase so we do crazy things together.

When we got the result via internet 11pm three days after the last day of the exam, only one friend did not passed, he was always going home, Bukidnon and didn’t had enough time to review more. Me and King passed the exam in one  take and so with james lee, so blessed for our efforts paid off. Thank God!


Now the question is: HOW AM I DOING AS AN ENGINEER? A very though question that I have been asking myself lately, I have been in DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways) as programmer/estimator, In MinSSAD Consultants office as Site Coordinator but working like a Technical Assistant in the office because most of the time, I am at the office doing the Project Profile. And now I am absorbed in CPMO Office of MinSSAD (Mindanao Sustainable Settlement Area Development) Project as Quantity Surveyor. Sounds tough but not really sure as per career, if I have gone that far. Still making my way, and exploring the life of a Civil Engineer.  Hoping to see its depthness and usefulness in this world.

Bisaya – English Translation

samok – noisy

amigo/amiga – friend

balay – house

paningkamot – effort

walay pulos – nonsense


Sigawan Sa Palengke (Yelling at the Wet Market)

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Doing my weekly  Shopping, when suddenly the woman next to me was at her breathe, screaming on a vendor and the vendor on the otherhand was screaming back. I really didn’t get their issue though, all I heard was, ayaw panakit! (don’t hurt!) hhehehe hope my translation is right, I mean the woman says, “Don’t hurt people”.

I do not have that chismosa (gossiper) nature and so I head on and bought pork meat and just saw the woman leave and the vendor was still on a loud voice like “I can go back to jail just to get back on you” Nyah! Scaryyyyy.. maybe he was just kidding and then I continued my shopping.

Bought some squid, sea weeds (latu) like the green thing. Then some veggies and hurried home and cooked some adobong pusit with oyster sauce. Yummy!

That’s it for the day! And good news, I’ve decided to put on some Bisaya – English  Translation relevant to my post.


palingke – marketplace
isda – fish
lung ag – cook
palit – buy
kaon – eat
pusit – squid

Blog Award

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Got the award from ylan. Thank you.

Premio Dardos means “prize darts” in Italian. This award is given to bloggers, in recognition of their cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writings.

The rules of this award are:

1. Accept the award and post it on your blog along with a link to the person who has awarded you.

2. Pass the award on to at least 5 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment. Remember to contact each of them to let them know they have been chosen for this award. I want to give this award to:


Water Birth and Natural Birth

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Was at youtube, busy watching on videos of moms giving birth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a mom too and it still surprises me how babies coming out from us after nine happy months.

I had Natural Birth in a Maternity Clinic with midwives helping me out. It was an hour of pushing and breathing. Until now, I still can’t believe that I have actually gone through the process of it, but indeed was a really happy experience to completely say I am now a Woman.

Water Birth, if you ever have seen the movie Apocalypto where the woman gave birth on a well, it was very interesting. That was the first time I saw that water birth exists. In modern times, some hospitals and maternity clinic offers water birth using tubs. Hmm if you ever plan of doing so, you are really one courageous woman. Good luck and cheers!

Happy being a woman! 🙂



That’s me with Zaina during her first week! And now she’s One year old and three months going four months on December 5.


Traffic Mania at AlphaInventions

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Was upset today but when I saw my traffic just boosting up and got curious of what was going on? hehehehe I went back to my dashboard to see my referrers then saw Alpha Inventions

Then  clicking it for  me to see who this was and saw a social networking for bloggers and indeed a wonderful site to boost your traffic! Hmm ahemm ahemm just give it a try and Big thanks to a regular guy working on an apartment and an old car with a big imagination.

At first I was a bit puzzled of how it works. Go check it out. It does real work!! hmm hmm  hmm 😀 Enjoy!

Totally new me. Embellished with laughter, tears and judgement. Wahahahah!

So Upset

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I don’t really want things the way it is now, was so upsetting that people broadcast of who and who you are in the manner that they like without even understanding that what they were saying was really untrue and it hurts when you here it from a friend and just stub you at your face for no reason at all after sharing lunch. *sigh* not really good. Anyhow, was just their stand and I have no way to be heard because they just see me as they wanted to see who I am. Still with the connection with Chismis sa Office. Walang kamatayang issue! Who cares!  So what to worry? They give you nothing but bad impressions and feeling like they are on top of the world because they felt they were right? I really don’t think so. Just minding their stand out-from-nowhere on a good lunch! So pathetic!

I know I am not perfect and that things were just that, duhhhhhhhhh!! My regrets being in this office where alligators and backbitters live over good times! lagota oi! Anyway, Thats just fine with me as long as they uplift their spirits, so be it.

Things weren’t just the things that it used to. After the passed days over agony of your child taking medicines in the morning for pneumonia just kills you and what now?

As they say, when it rains it pours. This I have to bear and be happy and be thankful of the people who may have hurt you because they are BLESSINGS that we may not see for now. Just have to accept that we have to drop and gain friends.

Have to just simply be who I am! I have to let it pour here, got no one to listen to, maybe just you.


I wish to be like melody who says:  NO COMMENT! awww WA LAGI KO KABALO ANA (Hindi ko alam yan ah) —peace!

Chismis Sa Office

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Have you ever been the star of your office that it feels like you have the longest hair in the world? Sounds crazy but I was once in the hot seat of gossipers at this office. Whew!

The story came out like this, as per told, they say that I go “sip-sip” with the Big boss just to stay extended for work because we are just contractual workers, we need renew contract every 3-6 months, depende kung pa extend ka pa in accordance to your works load.

What is with these people that they keep throwing me stone and backbites? They can’t face it, I still stay because I still have work to finish for terminal reports and everything that is until end of December.  People sucks just because they envy you. Just making my hair go longer and wondering “do they hate me for what?

Here’s the point, work outside this office is waiting and moreso if not I can always go home and farm, so what? At least I have something to cultivate and keep my fingers working. *sigh*

What’s with those people who could not just work and make themselves productive? So what the heck I’m staying until December so that’s it. There was these times that I wanted to file resignation but I could not. I am too arrogant if that would be the case and ungrateful of the things offered before me and was just thinking of “those” people. Silly me!

Hayy, as they say I am still a neophyte. Things are different at school and at work (though was here for a year yet I still don’t get it).

People tend to say and do things just to make you feel small and unwanted. Anyhow, if this is how working place is then I should be more stronger and firm and just do the my thing and learn how to let it pass from one ear to another. (That’s what I am doing now, letting it pass).