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BIGBY’s Cafe & Restaurant

Posted in Food with tags , on July 16, 2008 by engrlouraine
Melody Anne and I had dinner at Bigby’s Restaurant in SM, Davao City last night. It was fun because before you can actually enter the restaurant and be on your seat, crew overwhelms you with their accomodations and politely gives you their menu and offering you their best sellers.
Two tables away from ours a customer was celebrating its birthday. The crew gave her a warm blessing and a jolly birthday song with a cake and a candle on top of it. We were sort of part of them even as audience.
It tooked us hours hehehe exaggerated rather it tooked us several minutes before we have actually placed our orders. With mine, I had Pork Steak with veggies on the side and it costs me 219 PhP. Real expensive but worth the taste. I Admit to have sinned gluttony, I was full then, but I have to finish my meal. Even Melody Anne was exhausted after finishing hers. As we stand to vacate the place, as if we cannot move due to fullness and were laughing to ourselves.
After then we went to buy some goodies. I bought a box of butterscotch for pasalubong at Goldilocks after paying we left hurriedly. The security guard whistling and saying mam u left the box! hahahhahaha. Hay! silly me. To say, charge it to experience again! Hehehhe

Had Lunch at Roadhouse Cafe

Posted in Food with tags , on April 30, 2008 by engrlouraine
Sizzling Pochero. Its gravy is unexplainably delicious with its brownish color really mouth watering.

Above photo is the seafood vegetable basket.

The rice. We were just curious what is the difference why it costs us 25 PhP for this single order of rice. Maybe because of its container. 5 for the rice and 20 for its container. justifiable. hehehhe

What else to write here? obviously photos speaks for itself. ari buh bye.. ciao