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Wearing High Heels

Posted in Personal with tags on June 24, 2008 by engrlouraine

I bought a new pair of high-heel-shoes last december and I wore it just today. Trying to transform my boyish image, I tried it on. In the morning on my way office everything is just fine coz I feel really feminine (LOL) but as hours passed by, i feel pain. And because canteen was out because of the sportsfest held outside the office we run to the nearest carenderia (30m away). So I have to bear the walking in the highway with the heat on because it was noontime. It really got my endurance tested, my feet hurts. It sores because I was not used to wearing high heels and my feet best suit step in sandals or betteryet with my rubber shoes. haaaayyyy. As we went back the office, my sandals burst out hahhahaha another thing to laugh about. I had it repaired with the help of Kuya Johnny. Going home is another torture, instead of riding a jeepney I opted to ride on a taxi cab. I feel better taking off those turtoring heels. Quite an experience for this day! Should I wear high heels again?