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Million Ways to Say – Thank You!

Posted in Personal with tags on December 3, 2008 by engrlouraine


Too many ways to say thank you to the ones we love that we often forget to do so. Many times we just take them for granted knowing that they will be there for us and its a big mistake.

How will they feel if we give them a tap on their shoulder? How about a kiss in the morning and before going to sleep. A hug, is much that I do appreciate especially if it came from my dear king.

Obviously, I miss my man. Can’t think of anything that will simply equate the things he has done for our family. I’m always missing him. And its a bit hard that we can’t get to do the things we wanted to, to make thim feel that we are blessed and thankful of him.

During the night, my mind is traveling, enjoying the days spent when he was around. We miss the fun and everything about him.

Today is his special day. I can’t think of anything to do because of distance. I hope this simple post will somehow make him feel that he is special and always remembered. Happy birthday!

Sometime again, we will be together. And we are greatly anticipating for that day!

Go ahead and show your own way to express how much you appreciate your loved ones. There are million ways to do them,  do at least one and much more better if you show them all your way.

Bisaya-English Translations

pamaagi – ways

gugma – love

abaga – shoulder

lingaw – fun

karon –  today