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Photo Trip

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(Photos were taken weeks before. My models were Badz (on green blouse) and Melowdee, my office buddies. Venue was at old office of DAR XI, which is currently demolished and employees transferred to their new home)

Without them I will be bored to death with office life. At least, If I have no Travel Orders for Project inspections with the Consultants, we’ll be sharing our lunch and chatting would follow with huge laughters like no one else is around the canteen. Some good old days to remember. And After office? We got food trips, Malling, Gym and Sauna Sessions. I miss them! *sigh*

But because DAR-MinSSAD Project is about to end, manpower were cut down. Badz, ended her contract last Nov 15 while Melowdee detailed temporarily at DAR & SANYU Offices in Quezon City for the closing of the accounts for the consultants. And me, to  finish the attachments for the terminal reports for the Infrastructure components.

We got to update each other through SMS or with YM. And much excitement for the near church wedding of badz and her boyfriend on the 23rd of December in time that Melowdee will be back on 4am flight same day. I sense foodtrips again and city escapades.

I’m having countdowns, and busy sighting for my outfit for badz special day! yeyyy. They normally joke on me that I am a guy because I don’t used to wearing dress. This time I will have to, and so, for this coming Dec 17, Christmas Party for MinSSAD Project at the Waterfront Hotel, with 16 Mayors, Project Managers and VIPs, wahhhh  I am having a real big problem. Good luck on me. he! he!

Bisaya – English Translation

kamatayon – death

adlaw – day

magstorya – chat

uyab – boyfriend/girlfriend

sinena – dress


Went Topless

Posted in Babies with tags on November 28, 2008 by engrlouraine

Tsarannnnnnnnnnn!! Presenting the mother and child bonding. This is just how we spend our time together- Cuddling each other and it really feels good and great that you get to hold your child every now and then. I feel so blessed to have a kiddo like my zaina.

Now, she knows how to hold the remote control and seek channel she wanted to watch on the television. When bathing, she want to do it herself, even putting powder on her face and chest. She can do the hep hep hurray of wowowee (abs-cbn channel2). She can dance the piso a day (rexona dance). Humming songs only she understands. When brushing her teeth, instead of the toothbrush moving, she shakes her head  and the toothbrush steady. She wanted to eat alone and spill everything in the table then scattering them until everything is in the floor, then try to pick them again and put them on her plate, nyahhh, have to really look after her when she does that.

Still waiting to see her next moves. God bless her with good health always.

Bisaya – English Translation

hangop – cuddle

bati   –  feel

inusara – alone

gunit – hold

tan-aw  – watch

My Model

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One lazy saturday afternoon. I put on my black jacket with hood on zaina like a dress hehehe. Striking some pose, heres the result. A promising model in the future. Thats what bored people can do. click clicks *smiles*