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My Mount Hamiguitan Trekking

Posted in Photography, Travel with tags , on May 6, 2008 by engrlouraine

When I was in my college, I used to be an adopted member of Sandawa Apo, a mountaineering team in Davao City. I have been to Epol at Marilog District and at Puting Bato, Island Garden City of Samal for minor climbs after that I have never climb mountains again. And now I got the chance to be one with nature and free the stress I have in my mind and body, I said go.

I have been to the mountains of trallalla hehehe and now at Mt. Hamiguitan located in Davao Oriental. I will be going with my office buddies who love nature trips. We traveled by van 5:30pm going Macambol. We had our dinner at kini rogers at Tagum city, that is almost two hours to Macambol.

When we arrived at the area it was raining. Good thing that the barrio has a covered court though it has only two bays still a good shed for us. We begun to set up the tent and rested for tomorrows trek.

Early morning, after breakfast with tocino and ampalaya with eggs, we prepared our things and rode a (habal-habal) term used for motorcycle with extensions in barrios. We rode almost 18 kms with a winding road and beach view stop, overlooking the virgin island.

At the mining camp, we started our trek with our buddies with mine I have Melody Anne, beating odds on our way to the highest possible peak. It was tiring but was a real experience. We even got lost; we lost the trail so we waited for an hour so the packers will lead us the right way. We got nothing to do but take photos among ourselves.

We thought there were no streams where we can get some potable water. We were worried that we have nothing to use for preparing the food and drinking. But at least, after searching we found one spring enough to give us water and yet discovering that there is still another in the uphill much to bath ourselves.

We set up our tents while others were preparing for our dinner. After we ate, we retired. And while asleep, you will feel the wind circling around our tents like creepy winds slapping. My companions said they felt creepy but I was totally down that I couldn’t mind the thing.

Another morning has come we left our packs with two packers to look after them. We headed to our agenda, Tinagong Dagat and the bonsai forest.

Tinagong Dagat, lumad said the lake used to be having high tides and low tides though it is located at the mountain, strange and mystical. But unfortunately, when we got there the lake was almost gone and dried up.

We didn’t even have the bonsai at sight as they said it has 4 hectares on it due to tiredness and time constraints. We head back to camp and go back our way and again we got lost, but its still fun.

At the mining camp, we have no mobile to send us to the National Highway going Davao City, the contact might have forgotten that we will be going home as agreed. But we things were arranged and as the 8-wheeler truck whooshing its way, we jump high because by then we were desperate of going home for office works.
Last stop at McDonalds for some cold soda and fries for midnight snacks. Hmmm it never tasted that good.
We were home one in the morning. I thank the Lord for safe travel and fun we had.

Going Mt.Hamiguitan

Posted in Travel with tags on May 2, 2008 by engrlouraine

Guys, I will be away until Sunday. We are going Mt. Hamiguitan for adventure trekking to view the BONSAI Forest of Davao Oriental. We will be leaving Davao City by 5pm today. Hows that? hehehehe. Hope us safe travel.

I will post my entry about the experience. Aribahbooo..