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My Model

Posted in Babies, Photography with tags , , , , on August 30, 2008 by engrlouraine

One lazy saturday afternoon. I put on my black jacket with hood on zaina like a dress hehehe. Striking some pose, heres the result. A promising model in the future. Thats what bored people can do. click clicks *smiles*


Zaina at One year and 24 days old

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Meet zaina. The apple of our eyes. Our worlds makes it more wonderful because of her. Right now her molar teeth are growing, though experiencing fever she still manages to sing, dance, hop and walk with murmuring than only she can understand. She’s adorable more than you know.

Zaina’s Birthday

Posted in Feasts/Party with tags , , , on August 9, 2008 by engrlouraine

On preparations: With the venue:

I scanned over the Davao’s telephone directory to find several venues to host my little girls birthday. Its not easy to find them. I may have find some but considering the budget and and the accessibility. I even had research on the net, hoping to find ideas. Despite the effort, still had none to consider. Until considering my aunts suggestion to hold it at Geojoe’s Restobar, located at ecoland drive. We filled the place with balloons designed like flowers with stem. And scattered some of them on the floor so the kids can play with them.

On tarpulin:

I designed it using the Microsoft power point and saved it as .jpeg but when I had it printed the printing press said that images will be distorted so I have to make new lay-out, I dont know how to do it on Adobe Photoshop so I went to nccc mall at reppapepz stall as per anne’s advice. The following day Anne and I went out to canvass for some cheap printing and were adviced to pick up the tarp the next day. Some unexpected things happend. The shop was attack by a virus and so files were deleted. In short, tarp was not printed. hhahahah hayyyyy to make it short just the day before the big event we finally had a wonderful tarpulin.

On Souvenir:

We bought some shot glasses then fill it with silver dust, cotton and some stars origami. then covered it with corrugated paper and pasted Zaina’s thank you message.

On cake:

Cake was ordered at Goldilocks four days before her birthday and then we just picked them up.

The clown:

II hired a clown to make the event more fun. He had balloon twisting, magic tricks, the puppet show and the games.

for more photos:

Busy Days

Posted in Feasts/Party with tags , on July 25, 2008 by engrlouraine

By August 5, 2008, Zaina will be celebrating her First Birthday, that is why I am quite busy these days. I went looking for venue, clowns/magicians, designed the lay out for her tarpulin (above photo), went out looking for guests tokens, and still preparing for the invitations and so with the balloons.

I am halfway done with the preparations. I have now a venue, still doing with my personalized tokens, clown/magician is okay and others still puzzling. Hay, things are a little drowning but sure to finish before our special day.

Updates, soon.