Just Dance

Things that I’m learning with the passed days? I love my friends and just understand them as much as they do with me, but with instances that you feel broken and hurt with how they have stated things their way and felt that they were sorry and I was sorry too for whatever things that I did mistakenly. The thing is, both were hurt and things won’t be forgotten as is. Its hard to mend things that have offended you straight to your heart and it hurts.

People not so close to me say useless words against me, they don’t hurt me, for I know myself better than they do, but friends who you generously pour on your emotion that you just thought understood you for who you are kills you to your being. I only have few to call friends, and that its not fun to lose anyone because they are my treasure. Patching things up won’t be easy, I know, but without words and just gestures may a lot be more soothing.

My personality is that of a child carefree and vulnerable. I go hurt, write it, and cry on it on my silence with prayer, that’s my way of healing things. I am sorry for feeling this way, its just me.

I love you and will always will.

“Sometimes we need to learn how to dance, but I don’t know how too. Will pave my way on learning it”

Bisaya – English Translation

gugma – love

guba -broken

pasaylo – forgive

sayon – easy

pagkasabot – understand


14 Responses to “Just Dance”

  1. i understand how you feel. and it’s really hard to bring back what was once perfect. it’s annoying when people you don’t know say or do bad things to you, but it’s painful when it’s done by a friend. Your prayers may help you a lot; i hope things will be better soon.

  2. thank you for your words. Anyhow, we learn to say sorry for the things that we have done. For myself, I am sorry for the things that I have done.

  3. OO nga, it is more painful when a loved one hurts you. Louraine, hope things get better for you. Mwah! πŸ™‚

  4. owkie lang man hehehhe it will be over soon.


  5. yeah i understand the feeling. im that with my close friends too.

  6. heehehe i guess adulthood is like this.. Im 27 but I pinned my aged to 18, im still in denial that the world goes like this pala hehehhehehehe

    hay naku..

    tawanan mo ang yong problema

  7. hi louraine,

    daghan salamat sa pagbisita ha?……dali manayaw ta.

    diay, congrats, wow take one lang mo………again congrats.

    cgi, mouli nako…….

    regards dha tanan

  8. ay, completo kaayo na akong kaugalingon dah………..

    pwede bonbon-vk-mahalkaayo…………….lol


  9. engrlouraine Says:

    hhehe aww salamat sa pag agi ate bon2 ahihihihi

  10. pls add the link to my new blog. i added you there already. here’s the link http://kuyanin.com thanks πŸ™‚

  11. thanks sa visit dae lour…ug mom sa bisdak dah…congrats…

  12. sad experience..i was also betrayed by a friend whom i even considered my family…the best thing, i learned from it!! …it’s better to avoid people like that.. i hope that we learned from each bad experiences that happened to us..cool post!!

  13. hey louraine! how are you these days? hope you’re feeling ok. have a great weekend! mwah!

  14. engrlouraine Says:

    hehehe hi grace!!,, im feeling better now. πŸ™‚

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