Went Topless

Tsarannnnnnnnnnn!! Presenting the mother and child bonding. This is just how we spend our time together- Cuddling each other and it really feels good and great that you get to hold your child every now and then. I feel so blessed to have a kiddo like my zaina.

Now, she knows how to hold the remote control and seek channel she wanted to watch on the television. When bathing, she want to do it herself, even putting powder on her face and chest. She can do the hep hep hurray of wowowee (abs-cbn channel2). She can dance the piso a day (rexona dance). Humming songs only she understands. When brushing her teeth, instead of the toothbrush moving, she shakes her head  and the toothbrush steady. She wanted to eat alone and spill everything in the table then scattering them until everything is in the floor, then try to pick them again and put them on her plate, nyahhh, have to really look after her when she does that.

Still waiting to see her next moves. God bless her with good health always.

Bisaya – English Translation

hangop – cuddle

bati   –  feel

inusara – alone

gunit – hold

tan-aw  – watch


22 Responses to “Went Topless”

  1. the way she brushes her teeth is really funny! i tried that once when i was a kid. it’s tiring. haha. 🙂

  2. cute naman ng dalawang babies! 🙂

    your daughter is sooooo cute!

    have a great weekend louraine!

  3. engrlouraine Says:

    hehhehe.. iwas confused when u said happy weekend grace heheheh i didnt realize na weekend na naman pala hehehhe..

    hala.. time is so fast..

  4. engrlouraine Says:

    hhehehe hi mordsith.. heheheh yes, really funny when you get to see her in person, u’d kneel to laughter hehehhe

  5. mura mn ug madona and child lol
    how r u na wafa?

  6. waiting 4 next posting 🙂
    i support u 🙂

  7. engrlouraine Says:

    ehehhe musta dae jana hehehhe 😛

    ammmm hehheheh lagi tripping kaau mi

    to gukguks: hehhehe tnx for the compliment 😀
    thank you very much

  8. dont let her watch wowowie.. else, she’ll get used to dance in sooo short skirts lol. go for GMA7’s eat bulaga harhar.

  9. hehehehh ganun?? mostly shes into nickelodeon an abc5.. heheheh

    tnx for dropping

  10. healthy si baby, dahil wais si Mommy; Louraine, you’re a WONDER MOM – 🙂

  11. engrlouraine Says:

    hahahha aww not very karen davila ei?

    karen davila– host of wonder mom for abs-cbn ehhehe.. others might not relate heheh

  12. lovely pic dae Louraine 🙂
    sarap talaga e hug ang mga bebe noh? hehehe

  13. engrlouraine Says:

    heheh salamat dae lolli.. lagi makalingaw ang bata! hayyy 🙂

  14. hala nude!!!! 😀

  15. asa man tu akong comment oi?

  16. makes me want to have baby, soon

  17. i was here for a visit

  18. nice pic of mother and child, the tender care of a mother

  19. musta na dae lour….agi diri.amping kanunay..meri xmas in advance..salamat sa bisita ha..

  20. engrlouraine Says:

    lagi meri xmas na kaau bah ehehheh

  21. dako na si zaina gaw..
    makalingaw na jud noh?
    Mother na jud ka kaayo..
    God bless!!

  22. engrlouraine Says:

    heheh lagi gaw daku na gyud zaina 😛

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